Sport – 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil
SmartPTT for FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil

Nuestros proyectos, Our projects | Jun 21

SmartPTT ensured fast stable communication at the FIFA World Cup

Sport and Hospitality – SmartPTT for Alta Ski Area near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
SmartPTT Dispatch Software for Alta Ski Area

Nuestros proyectos, Our projects | Jun 16

SmartPTT and Utah Communications Inc. helps Alta Ski Area to be one of the best skiing locations in the State of Utah

Genesis GW3-TRBO and SmartPTT team up
SmartPTT and Genesis

Eventos | May 15

Elcomplus and The Genesis Group join forces to enhance performance management for MOTOTRBO networks.

SmartPTT Socios estratégicos

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions – world leading data communications and telecommunications equipment provider.


Imtradex develops and produces professional headsets, and is one of the leading manufacturers of headsets in Europe.

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