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SmartPTT 7.0.7 Christmas Release

Elcomplus LLC is glad to announce Christmas release of SmartPTT, version 7.0.7! In scope of release 7.0.7, we have updated both SmartPTT Advanced and SmartPTT Enterprise
30 December 2010 5:39 pm Release announcements

SmartPTT software was successfully deployed at SHELL Refining Company

MYGPS Technologies - Authorized distributor for SmartPTT in Malaysia - has deployed the dispatch control powered by SmartPTT software over the MotoTRBO digital two-way radio system based on MotoTRBO Capacity Plus
16 November 2010 5:27 pm Our projects

SmartPTT Enterprise was presented at Northern Europe Radio Partner Conference in Birmingham, October 2010

Elcomplus, LLC has presented new dispatch software for MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio system – SmartPTT Enterprise at Northern Europe Radio Partner Conference in Birmingham. The visitors of the conference valued the new approach of SmartPTT Enterprise to control MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect systems
20 October 2010 5:18 pm Events & promos

Elcomplus LLC is proud to announce the launch of the new product – SmartPTT Enterprise

SmartPTT Enterprise is the dispatch software for MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System. The main feature of SmartPTT Enterprise is direct dispatch control over MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect systems through IP connection. SmartPTT Enterprise is positioned to be the software for building large scale MotoTRBO systems based on IP Site Connect and middle systems based on standalone digital repeaters.
18 October 2010 5:23 pm Release announcements
6 October 2010 2:24 pm Trainings/Webinars videos

MOTOTRBO DP3600/DP3601 Digital Radio Station

This MOTOTRBO-series radio toggles digital and analogue functionality, with a bright display and enhanced spectrum efficiency
3 October 2010 10:47 am About MOTOTRBO

MOTOTRBO DP3400/DP3401 Digital Radio Station

With an onboard GPS modem, this radio has advanced emergency tracking capability in addition to high-level MOTOTRBO functionality.
3 October 2010 9:09 am About MOTOTRBO

SmartPTT Dispatcher Console in German

Elcomplus is glad to announce that SmartPTT Advanced 7.0.5 Dispatcher Console is now localized to German
16 August 2010 5:13 pm Release announcements

SmartPTT 7.0.5 Release Announcement

Elcomplus, LLC is proud to announce 5th release of SmartPTT software.
17 May 2010 5:06 pm Release announcements

MOTOTRBO Telemetry in SmartPTT

MOTOTRBO Telemetry controlled by SmartPTT
31 March 2010 2:41 pm Trainings/Webinars videos

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