Monthly Archives: March 2010

MOTOTRBO Telemetry in SmartPTT

MOTOTRBO Telemetry controlled by SmartPTT
31 March 2010 2:41 pm Trainings/Webinars videos

SmartPTT Telephone Interconnect for MOTOTRBO

Demonstration of SmartPTT Telephone Interconnect Service for MotoTRBO
31 March 2010 2:39 pm Trainings/Webinars videos

New release launch – SmartPTT 7.0.4

Key feature of new release is possibility of remote dispatcher control through both analog radios (connected to radioserver by RS232) and digital MotoTRBO radios. The control through analog radio is embedded feature of SmartPTT base functionality and doesn’t require any additional software installation or any additional licenses.
1 March 2010 4:59 pm Release announcements

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