AdapTel interactive demo-zone in Singapore

20 September, 2018

Motorola demo-zone in Singapore officeMotorola Solutions office in Singapore organized a demo-zone for the distributors and dealers to find out more about Motorola and partner equipment. Among radio equipment, the installation includes Elcomplus AdapTel demo-kit that illustrates the work of our interface adapter in receiving telemetry data from remote facilities and transmitting it to the dispatch level of SCADA system. AdapTel demo-zone helps gain a clear understanding of the device’s operation and benefits for utilities and energy vertical.

In the beginning of September, Kit Soon, MS Business Development Manager, made the first demo-zone presentation for the local Motorola partners from Singapore. The demo zone works in Motorola Singapore office on an ongoing basis, so SmartPTT APAC partners are welcome to visit it and get acquainted with our device there.

Telemetry data transmission in DMR networks with AdapTel allows the dispatcher to control equipment at remote points. SmartPTT software coupled with AdapTel ensures efficient business processes management with remote equipment monitoring and corresponding staff coordination. Check out our channel on YouTube to find out more about AdapTel and upcoming SmartPTT SCADA solution!