Advanced Tech Support Service Package

Advanced Tech Support Service Package is available for SmartPTT Enterprise & SmartPTT PLUS software in all regions.

SmartPTT Advanced Tech Support Service Package can be purchased only from Elcomplus SmartPTT Services Price Catalogue.

All the software licenses are valid from the moment of purchase (activation).

Response time of a tech support engineer from initial contact via the support portal is within 3 business hours.

This level supports the all versions of the software.

The customer is assisted with the configuration of the software; support via remote access is available; the tech support team analyzes and consults on the radio and IP system design, and analyzes customer’s repeater and radio configurations.

SmartPTT Team would perform a system administrator training (up to 2 hours), and a dispatcher training (up to 1 hour) by client’s request no more than once every three months. 

In case of confirmed software issues, an updated patch will be provided for the latest software release (please note, patches are not provided for old versions of the software).

For any details, please contact your regional manager.