Benefits from an integration of a radio dispatch and SCADA/IoT software?

22 January, 2020
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We are happy to present to you our new video about SmartPTT SCADA which shows the use cases where dispatch and SCADA software is really beneficial.

As you may have seen, SmartPTT SCADA is SmartPTT’s and SmartPTT Express’ add-on module for remotely monitoring and controlling equipment at industrial facilities. SmartPTT SCADA integrates SCADA/IIoT systems and radio dispatch software, which enables making high-quality decisions and increasing the efficiency of business processes. SmartPTT SCADA features include data processing and visualization,  remote real time equipment monitoring and control, accounting for resource consumption, automated notifications to responsible people about emergencies, and much more.

Read more about SmartPTT SCADA’s features.

SmartPTT SCADA Demo is available for Download.

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