Realization of the pilot project of the Automated System Centralized Radio Control and Keeping Track of mobile objects

“Emergency Call service station” in Tomsk (Russia) now uses the pilot start-up of the Automated system centralized radio control and keeping track of mobile objects, developed by Elcomplus specialists on the basis of MOTOTRBO (Motorola) digital platform and SmartPTT software set.
25 August 2009 4:21 pm Our projects

SmartPTT presentation in St.-Petersburg

On July 24 in St.-Petersburg as part of conference, held by "Ilada" (Motorola Premier Reseller) together with "Motorola", SmartPTT software and operational system model was presented to "Ilada" partners.
30 July 2009 4:03 pm Events

Conference “Motorola Modern Telecommunication Solutions in the field of professional radiocommunication”

On July 1, in Irkutsk (Russia) Motorola organized conference "Motorola modern telecommunication solutions in the field of professional telecommunication".
6 July 2009 4:06 pm Events

SmartPTT software set in Kiev

Presentation of SmartPTT software set for managing dispatching communications between linear-extended and geographically-distributed objects, operating on the basis of MOTOTRBO digital platform, has taken place in Kiev.
3 July 2009 4:17 pm Events

SmartPTT presentation in Uzbekistan

From June 15 till June 18, an Elcomplus delegation, headed by Chief Executive Evgeny Teplyakov, visited the Republic of Uzbekistan. Promising negotiations were held with Uzbek integrators from the telecoms market.
22 June 2009 3:49 pm Events

SmartPTT presentation in Kazakhstan

On June 4, a presentation of SmartPTT software was held in Astana (Republic of Kazakhstan), focusing on dispatching communications with linear-extended or geographically-distributed objects.
8 June 2009 4:00 pm Events

Elcomplus presents SmartPTT software set

On April 16, at a partner conference held by CJSC SAGA Inc. (Russia’s largest Motorola distributor) Elcomplus presented its own product - SmartPTT software set for dispatching communications.
27 April 2009 3:20 pm Events

Elcomplus Corporate Conference

On February 28, Elcomplus held an annual corporate conference at the Tomsk Science Center.
6 March 2009 3:08 pm Events

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