SmartPTT 8.8: IP gateways for control stations and support for MOTOTRBO R2.5

23 diciembre, 2015
Release announcements

The new version of SmartPTT radio dispatch software was released and is now available for download from Download page.

For this release we have collected all your requests and implemented the most frequent of them, in an effort to make SmartPTT more convenient for dispatchers and administrators.

The changes include support for new MOTOTRBO R2.5 firmware, changes in GUI, performance optimization for large systems and support for the new hardware gateway – SmartPTT RG-1000.

Support for new MOTOTRBO R2.5 firmware

SmartPTT 8.8 was updated to fully support the new MOTOTRBO version, and SmartPTT dispatcher now can send and receive long text messages – up to 280 characters long – in MOTOTRBO systems to provide more detailed information to radio subscribers.

Changes in the interface – customization brought to the new height

Custom consoles now have enhanced elements control and new kinds of panels thus allowing easier customization. This makes dispatcher’s work more convenient and leaves less chance of a mistake.

Changes in the monitoring

We have made changes into settings of a coverage map creation to quickly get the precise data required for a systems engineer. Besides, new kinds of equipment are now available for monitoring.

Optimization for large systems

Overall SmartPTT system performance was enhanced to meet the demands of large systems. We have sped up databases processing to handle large amounts of data, introduced the ability to set radioserver process priority, and added new formats into Import and Export tool.

SmartPTT RG-1000

Meet SmartPTT RG-1000 – a remote gateway to connect MOTOTRBO control station to SmartPTT Radioserver using IP channel. RG-1000 helps reduce costs and ensures easy deployment of MOTOTRBO systems with all types of SmartPTT configurations involving control stations.

SmartPTT Release Notes

See the detailed change log here

Download SmartPTT 8.8