Public Safety

When an emergency happens, lives are at stake. Quick emergency response becomes possible only with a structured communications system that provides interaction for all rescue teams.

Short response time is crucial for saving lives

Efficient management of rescue operations powered by SmartPTT means team coordination by a dispatcher, interaction between teams, and quick relocation between emergency cites without loss of a signal.
  • Reliable wireless communications for the rescue teams with each other and the dispatcher.
  • Coordination of a large number of rescue teams performing various functions at different locations (fire-fighting equipment, rescue vehicles, etc.)
  • Safety of the fire-fighters in hazardous areas: emergency rules and alerts, Lone Worker and Man Down features, GPS tracking and remote monitoring
  • Multi-level dispatch conforming to organizational structure of public safety authorities like firefighters or disaster management. Dispatch screens at any level of the organization hierarchy – regional, district or state level.

Case studies

Public Safety Daejeon Firefighters, South Korea Increased productivity and employee's responsiveness during urgent operations of Koreen Firefighters
Public Safety Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Samoa SmartPTT and MOTOTRBO help guard against tsunamis
Public Safety Russian Emergencies Ministry of Sakhalin Region Increased efficiency and safety of rescue activities in Sakhalin
Public Safety Firefighters of Valparaíso, Chile MOTOTRBO, SmartPTT & DYNWORK move Chilean firefighters to digital