Remote RG-1000e programming in R3.0 firmware release

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SmartPTT RG-1000e firmware update: R3.0 release

Happy Holidays from SmartPTT Team!
Happy Holidays from SmartPTT Team

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On New Year's Eve and always – give your time, love and attention to the dearest ones! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

SmartPTT Webinar – SmartPTT 9.4 Release
SmartPTT 9.4 webinar

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This webinar presents the new features and updates in the latest SmartPTT 9.4 release.


SmartPTT - The Smart Choice For Your Future (verticals)
SmartPTT - The Smart Choice For Your Future (features overview)
  • Sport Facilities and Events
MOTOTRBO and SmartPTT radio communications system ensures reliable and clear communications between the dispatcher and the staff in the noisy sport environment. SmartPTT dispatch solution allows to provide the security over the whole territory of the sport object. All the event participants are under full control to provide fast reaction in case of any issue.

Stable Connection and Radio System Reliability

SmartPTT for StadiumsIn the noisy challenging stadium environment, the stable connection between all stadium staff is of paramount importance. With SmartPTT voice calls and text messages all stadium services can communicate properly and discuss arising problems together, even being in different parts of the object. To ensure stable connection between all event services during a competition SmartPTT Monitoring can be used. SmartPTT system monitoring allows for remote analysis and control of the radio network. It can identify the exact equipment experiencing problems and save time and resources, which are very limited during sport events.

Safety and Security

Stadium securityTo ensure the safety of staff and visitors, security needs to be assigned to certain presence levels throughout the stadium. SmartPTT’s geo-fencing rules can have specified how much security staff should be in an area and if staffing levels aren’t met the dispatcher can address the issue. When an emergency does occur and staff or visitors need assistance, the GPS tracking or indoor positioning can be used to identify the location of the staff needing assistance or identify the location of staff closest to the visitor in distress. This helps reduce response times. Telemetry can be used to notify dispatchers if a door in a restricted area is opened for security to investigate. The SmartPTT voice recording and event log can also be used to later investigate the details of an incident.


Stadium MaintenanceSmartPTT offers the advanced fleet management and work coordination functionality. To respond to visitors’ needs of levels of cleanliness or operation, dispatchers can respond to janitorial or maintenance notifications by guests or staff by sending a work order to the appropriate staff via SmartPTT’s Job Ticketing feature. This helps ensure that visitor areas (i.e. bathrooms) are clean and that equipment (i.e. plumbing, air conditioning) is in working condition. Telemetry can also be used to notify dispatchers of equipment failure.


interoperabilityDuring a sporting event there can be representatives from different government agencies present like police and fire. The security and administrative talkgroups from the sporting event may need to have interoperable communications with the police and fire agencies to work together if an emergency arises. SmartPTT’s cross-patching feature or Radio Network Bridging option enable cross communications even when using different communication platforms like P25 or Tetra.groups or channels helps to enhance fleet communication capabilities.

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