Input Sound Configuration Utility

6 September, 2017
Technical tips

SmartPTT Input Sound Configuration Utility allows managing the quality of sound incoming from control station to radioserver. For each control station a set of filters can be applied to make the incoming sound better.

Input Sound Configuration Utility Guide

  • Constant humming noise at the low frequency? Most probably, it is coming from the power source and has a frequency of 50 Hz. Apply the EQ band at that frequency and make it lower a bit.
  • High pitch noise? Apply another band for around 3000 Hz and bring it down as well!
  • Low voice volume? Add some gain to voice frequencies (around 440 Hz).
  • Constant “sound pressure” of almost inaudible whistling? Bring down all inaudible frequencies by applying the “Lowpass” at 5000 Hz.

Want to know more about this utility and the sound physics? You are welcome to SmartPTT Input Sound Configuration Utility Guide.

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