Launch the SmartICS website: more useful information about our software platform

24 September, 2020
Release announcements

We are pleased to present you with а new website for the SmartICS software platform.

Following the main easy-to-use concept of our product, we strived to make this website simple and convenient, whereas increasing the effectiveness of essential information search. In addition, we took care of the beautiful design and friendly interface.


We remind you that SmartIcs is developed on the basis of modern web technologies and configured without coding and scripting, using the automated widget library. The platform is used for industrial automation (SCADA, telemetry, industrial control systems), building management systems, industrial Internet of things, and manufacturing digitalization.

SmartICS is installed and configured by 3-4 times faster than traditional SCADA softwares, providing both convenient data visualization via the classic visual process graphics or dashboards with widgets, and a special and clear licensing approach.

We hope you will like both our platform and its website.

To access more information about SmartICS and our new website click the link.