Elcomplus presented its products at International Mining Fair
International Mining Fair

Events | Jun 20

SmartPTT solution for connection and telemetry in mining industry was presented at the expo in Novokuznetsk

SmartPTT Tutorial Collection: GPS Tracking
SmartPTT GPS Tracking

Trainings/Webinars videos | Jun 13

Detailed demo of SmartPTT GPS Tracking capabilites: different map types, finding subscriber on map, movement tracking, geofencing, rules and notifications, and more

How to configure the redundant server to work properly after upgrade?

Technical tips | Jun 13

“Automated configuration of redundant server” in details

Marketing Support

We are always ready to offer marketing support to you:

  • Presentations and brochures to use at the meetings and events
  • Real case studies about the advantages of MOTOTRBO and SmartPTT systems for different verticals, creation of case studies on your completed projects
  • Translation of marketing materials into ANY desired language
  • Joint participation in exhibitions, conferences and presentations
  • Remote support in your marketing events
  • Ready SmartPTT webpage for your website

On SmartPTT website and our YouTube channel, you can get necessary marketing information at any time: 

  • Extensive text and video material on SmartPTT capabilities and updates
  • SmartPTT industry solutions and case studies
  • Layouts of printing marketing materials
  • Information on SmartPTT updates

SmartPTT marketing team will appreciate and give feedback on any of your requirements and wishes, to make our collaboration EASY! Contact us!

Brochures and leaflets



SmartPTT Brochure, pdf, 2.4 MB

SmartPTT PLUS for MOTOTRBO Brochure, pdf, 1.1 MB

SmartPTT PLUS for Capacity Max, pdf, 518 KB

SmartPTT Case Study, pdf, 2.44 MB


SmartPTT RG-1000e, pdf, 435 KB


AdapTel Leaflet, pdf, 218 KB

AdapTel Brochure, pdf, 363 KB


SmartPTT Indoor Tracking, pdf, 418 KB

SmartPTT Mobile Leaflet, pdf, 1.4 MB

SmartPTT Monitoring Leaflet, pdf 4.00 MB

SmartPTT Radio Network Bridging Leaflet, pdf, 780 KB

SmartPTT Telephone Interconnect Leaflet, pdf, 1.1 MB

SmartPTT Direct IP Connection Leaflet, pdf, 900 KB

Industries and Case Studies

SmartPTT for Oil and Gas Industry, pdf, 2.3 MB

SmartPTT for Firefighters and Emergency Services, pdf, 2.5 MB

SmartPTT for Police and Security, pdf, 2.5 MB

SmartPTT for Sport Facilities and Events, pdf, 3.1 MB

SmartPTT for Energy Industry, pdf, 3.1 MB

SmartPTT for Ski Areas, pdf, 2.58 MB

Other industries

SmartPTT Manufacturing Leaflet, pdf, 2.5 MB

SmartPTT Mining Leaflet, pdf, 364 KB

SmartPTT Taxi & Towing Leaflet, pdf, 640 KB

SmartPTT for Airports, pdf, 632 KB

SmartPTT Education Leaflet, pdf, 306 KB

Other languages

SmartPTT Leaflet Arabic, pdf, 1 MB

SmartPTT Leaflet French, pdf, 1.2 MB

SmartPTT Leaflet German, pdf, 500 KB

SmartPTT PLUS for Capacity Max (Chinese), pdf, 399 KB

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