MOTOTRBO DTMF in SmartPTT Telephone Interconnect

11 January, 2011

We have published important update for SmartPTT 7.0.7 dated 18 January 2011.

Major features implemented in this update

  • DTMF Support – SmartPTT Telephone Interconnect service now supports DTMF feature implemented in MotoTRBO Firmware 1.7. Radio subscriber can dial telephone number at MotoTRBO radio keypad to make a call. You can watch live demo on our YouTube channel.
  • Advanced Privacy – Advanced privacy is supported in SmartPTT Enterprise.
  • Dispatcher call propagation in multi-dispatcher environment – In the configuration with several dispatchers working with the same base radio, dispatcher call made through the base radio is automatically propagated to other dispatcher consoles.

You can always download the latest realease on Download page of our site

SmartPTT Telephone Interconnect service supports DTMF dial from MOTOTRBO radios. DTMF was implemented in Firmware 1.7 for MOTOTRBO.