Research and Development Centre of Automotive Tests FGUP “NAMI”, Russia

23 April, 2020
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Organization: Research and Development Centre of Automotive Tests FGUP “NAMI”

Location: Russia

Solution Features:

“We consider Motorola Solutions technology to be the most secure, the most advanced and the most suitable for our requirements. The MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus with SmartPTT PLUS system, that we have deployed with the assistance of Radio Duplex, fully meets our requirements in terms of security, functionality, and communications.”

Dolzhnikov Pavel Alekseevich,

Head of the group of automotive tests control and planning, RC NICIAMT FSUE “NAMI”

NAMI has recently upgraded its analog radio network to a Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus system with SmartPTT PLUS for reliable, secure voice and data communications for all teams, as well as for added functionality such as GPS tracking and emergency alerts. The deployment is helping NAMI to decrease response time to incidents and increase operational efficiency and productivity.

NAMI is Russia’s largest national, modern research, development, and production base for automotive testing, conducting compliance testing as specified in regulatory documents within the field of its accreditation. Engineers at its site in Moscow work tirelessly to evaluate and solve any issues or problems relating to the design and development of a wide range of vehicles, from buses to tractors, trailers, and semitrailers, motorcycles, scooters, trolleybuses, specialized vehicles, electric vehicles, and internal combustion engines, as well as their components, spare parts, and accessories. They also assess road and bridge rail guards and road sign mounts. Tests are conducted in compliance with all major international and national standards. Read more…

Motorola Solutions Products:

• 2 x MOTOTRBO SLR 5500 Repeaters

• 50 x MOTOTRBO DP4401 Portable Two-Way Radios

• 5 x MOTOTRBO DP4601 Portable Two-Way Radios

• 1 x MOTOTRBO DP4801 Portable Two-Way Radio