New release – SmartPTT 8.4: Enhanced Select 5, Improved Subscriber Security Features

The new version of SmartPTT software for MOTOTRBO is available for download

SmartPTT Team is pleased to introduce an updated version of MOTOTRBO dispatch software. SmartPTT 8.4 supports connection to optional external accessories, extended functionality of Select 5 subscriber management and improved security features for subscribers.

Support of PTT-microphones by Imtradex and Other Brands

pic_release84_imtradex pic_release84_ptt

New version of SmartPTT supports Imtradex microphones with embedded PTT button. PTT Microphones of other brands, as well as other COM and USB devices, are also supported. PTT buttons of those devices can be programmed as hot keys.

Select 5 Support Extension

All call and emergency call are now supported in Select 5 signaling mode, maximizing the functionality usage. While in progress of all call, the dispatcher console will show the ID of a calling subscriber.

Combined mode for Linked Capacity Plus and Capacity Plus

SmartPTT architecture was enhanced to work in MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect topologies through IP-link via NAI Data, without NAI Voice. Combined mode allows data transfer via NAI Data, while voice is transmitted via control stations. This solution is applicable to networks with limited NAI Voice support.

Subscriber Security Enhancements – Lone Worker, Man Down, Emergency Signal


Now it is possible to play a specific sound on a dispatcher console when alarm takes place. It is also possible to play a specific sound to a subscriber, when Lone Worker alarm is in progress. The map will be automatically centered on the originator of alarm. Only subscribers from specified category will be shown on the map, other map labels will be hidden. Dispatcher can generate a report of events happened in Lone Worker mode. Man Down mode can be automatically enabled or disabled based on system events, e.g. when Subscriber enters dangerous zone.

You can view the full list of enhancements in the Release Notes.

The new SmartPTT version is available for download.


  1. Tariq Mahmood 09:18, February 14

    Thank to Smart PTT team, I need more of these note releases, I am Service Engineer in Comm Div of Forbes Forbes Campbell & Co. Pakistan this is the Company Channel Partner with Motorola and having business with Motorola since 4 decays
    Kind Regards
    Tariq Mahmood

    1. Alexander Ispravnikov Post author10:26, February 14

      Dear Tariq!
      Thank you for your interest in SmartPTT! We will be glad to provide you with the information you need.
      Soon we will send you a reply at your email address.

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