New SmartPTT Mobile: GPS Locations, Call History, Bilingual Interface

6 November, 2020
Release announcements

We are happy to announce the release of the updated SmartPTT Mobile application, which is now available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The enhancements to the mobile client include GPS tracking, event logging, and Chinese language support.

The SmartPTT Mobile app interface is now available in two languages: English and Chinese.

In the updated SmartPTT Mobile App, we have added GPS location tracking. When location tracking is enabled the map window will display radio and mobile app user locations and their status (online or offline). Clicking on the user’s icon will provide the contact name and GPS coordinates along with a corresponding address if the address data provider is enabled in the SmartPTT Dispatcher. The Android version of the mobile app supports Google Maps and Baidu Maps. The iOS version of the mobile app supports Apple Maps.


In the new version of SmartPTT Mobile we have provided the ability to view the call history for subscribers from the contact list of the application. You can see the call history for SmartPTT Mobile users, radios and virtual groups displayed separately for each contact. Information about the start time of all calls and their duration is available in the call history log. It contains information not only about individual events (incoming or outgoing calls), but also about multiple calls. Combining multiple associated calls into a single log entry helps reduce the number of entries in the log.

Learn more about the features of the updated SmartPTT Mobile in the user guide for devices on Android and iOS operating systems!