New SmartPTT release 9.4: vast SCADA and voice recording opportunities

28 November, 2018
Release announcements

The new version 9.4 of SmartPTT radio dispatch software is available today for Download on our website. The latest update introduces a SCADA module for remote control of equipment, an advanced tool for voice recording with NexLog (Eventide), a variety of new hotkeys, and more.

SCADA module

Our long-awaited SmartPTT SCADA solution is now available! If you want to easily control equipment at remote points without building separate infrastructure (note that AdapTel device is needed) – don’t pass it by.

SmartPTT SCADASmartPTT SCADA allows a dispatcher to detect failures immediately and to correct them before they become a catastrophe. They can set proper values in the system to decrease the risk of explosion or, seeing the object location, quickly find nearby subscribers to call them with repair or evacuation instructions. Thus, simultaneous remote control of large amount of facilities significantly lowers the number of on-site visits helping to reduce wasted labor and wear and tear on vehicles.

SmartPTT SCADA also provides automated notifications about emergencies to the responsible party via a message on a radio, SMS to a cellphone, or email. For example, if a pump fails, the responsible maintenance engineer can receive a notification. And in the case of an unauthorized entry to the pump station the security team can be notified, and the message content can be completely unique.

The SmartPTT SCADA interface is fully customizable enabling the dispatcher to use a situational awareness approach to the GUI design. You can control the use of colors, so only parameters that deviate from a normal state are easily identifiable. Let your dispatcher check it out, he will love it.

You can always get more information about SmartPTT SCADA on its product page. Download SmartPTT SCADA demo here.

Eventide (NexLog) integration

Having a clear understanding of what happened during an incident helps give management an ability to optimize worker safety, production processes, and company profits. We have integrated SmartPTT with Eventide’s NexLog product for advanced voice recording capabilities in Motorola MOTOTRBO radio systems. The solution is based on Eventide’s MediaWorks software. Incidents investigation has never been as easy and convenient as it is now! And the most important: system administrators can have voice recordings that can be used in legal proceedings.

MediaWorksPlus ScreenAudio and PC screen recordings provide a manager with clear idea of what happened, minute by minute. A graphical timeline helps quickly visualize the relationships between multiple recordings. Moreover, a manager can easily add multiple text notes to these recordings along the timeline, marking out the timing of important actions and events. For ease of analysis, selected incident-related calls can be copied to a separate incident tab with its own graphical timeline, or may be directly exported for use as evidence.

And finally. Recording and investigation of calls on different radio systems at a facility (for example, P25 and DMR) or of sources that are not part of SmartPTT’s dispatch solution (phones, PA systems, T1/E1 trunks, etc.) are not a problem anymore. The outcome of integration to NexLog is really user-friendly, just try it.


When every second counts, the speed of each dispatcher’s action is crucial. Now we give them an additional tool to work faster. More than 20 new actions can be performed much faster with SmartPTT hotkeys. Using a keyboard or external devices, a dispatcher can apply an action to a particular radio, or talkgroup, or selected object. Mute or unmute, find a person on map, send a call alert to subscriber – now it just takes seconds.


Control stations & RG-1000 in topology

We understand how important it is to deliver needed radio system performance, and it is that case when even small details can really matter. To increase the speed of troubleshooting, SmartPTT Monitoring now supports control stations, including those connected over RG-1000e radio gateway. Dispatchers now see control stations in the Topology panel, receive alarm notifications from them and view the service information.

GPS Batching

Now available in SmartPTT PLUS! Our joint SmartPTT and Tallysman® GPS-batching solution brings comprehensive information about radio subscribers’ movements to the dispatcher, and the management gets full-time control over personnel. Let’s recollect the highlights:

  • More detailed tracking of subscriber movements inside the radio network due to the ability to adjust the level of detail.
  • Preservation & accumulation of coordinates when the radio is outside the coverage area allows easily reconstructing subscriber locations and tracks during that period.

You can find more information about our GPS-batching solution here.

And that’s not all that we introduced, enhanced or fixed in SmartPTT 9.4 – check out all the improvements in SmartPTT 9.4 in our detailed Release Notes:

Download SmartPTT 9.4
Download SmartPTT 9.4 demo

Download SmartPTT SCADA
Download SmartPTT 9.4 demo