New SmartPTT SCADA 1.1.0 release

17 September, 2019
Release announcements

The new 1.1.0 version of SmartPTT SCADA is available today for download on our website. SmartPTT SCADA is a solution for remote equipment monitoring and control, enhancing SmartPTT’s dispatch software with additional functionality.


The latest update enables users to access the system from a web browser (Chrome / Yandex / Mozilla) with different levels of permission (monitor only, monitor & control, administrator). The monitor only mode enables users to monitor equipment statuses, but doesn’t give the users the ability to configure and manage the system. This mode enables the users to access the system from any computer without the risk of making accidental changes to equipment. The monitor and control mode enables users to monitor and control equipment. The administrator mode gives users the ability to monitor and control equipment, as well as configure SmartPTT SCADA.

The work with analytics has become more convenient because of the availability of data export from the Event log and Trend lines to CSV files.

The release 1.1.0 provides a number of improvements for dispatchers as well. A night mode has been added to the SmartPTT SCADA interface to reduce eye strain for dispatchers working in darker environments. The dispatcher can now set an individual zoom level for each SCADA dashboard, so that more equipment can be monitored on a single screen. Previously, when a marginal or emergency condition occurred the widget would flash in yellow or red. Now the widget is highlighted in yellow or red frame.


Another feature of this release is the addition of a background image within a section (or card) of the dashboard. The user can load a vector or bitmap image as a background (i.e. a system drawing) and then place widgets on top of the image. For example, a gas pipeline would have valves at various locations. A schematic of the pipeline can be loaded with widgets for each valve placed on the schematic in their appropriate locations. This would clearly illustrate to the dispatcher the relative location of the remote equipment, allowing the dispatch to respond more quickly in an emergency.

Additional updated SmartPTT SCADA functions include the ability to connect to devices and input/output servers using the OPC UA protocol (an additional license is required), as well as the ability to back up and restore system settings, including configuration of all devices and customized user pages.

You can get more information about SmartPTT SCADA on its product page or by emailing us at Download SmartPTT SCADA 1.1.0 demo now: