Technical tips


How to use SmartPTT dispatcher application without additional licenses?

Look through previously recorded data, make reports and listen to the recordings without additional SmartPTT licenses.

How to configure the redundant server to work properly after upgrade?

“Automated configuration of redundant server” in details

How to configure the Lone Worker mode

The basic configuration process step by step

How to organize the work for several dispatchers in the same room conveniently?

Did you know about “Listen the calls of other dispatchers” tab?
Remote Connection to SQL Database

Remote Connection to SQL Database

The details of configuring the login and password for a remote connection to a database

Master and Redundant Radioservers Functioning

The secrets of the Main and the Redundant radioservers’ relations

Dispatcher GUID

What happens when two dispatchers share the same GUID?
F1 button - tech tip

Need urgent assistance?

How to get help instantly in SmartPTT
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