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SmartPTT Webinar – SmartPTT PLUS Release 9.1

This Motorola webinar presents the new features and updates in the latest release of SmartPTT PLUS 9.1.

SmartPTT Webinar – Indoor Tracking

This webinar presents SmartPTT Indoor Tracking solution - a specially designed Indoor Positioning System for use with Motorola MOTOTRBO radios.

SmartPTT Webinar – Mobile Application

The webinar presents SmartPTT Mobile Application for Android and iOS devices.

Motorola video about SmartPTT PLUS System Monitoring

SmartPTT PLUS System Monitoring is a tool for in-depth analysis and control over connected MOTOTRBO infrastructure.

Motorola video about SmartPTT PLUS solution

Smart PTT PLUS solution for MOTOTRBO - Event logging, voice dispatch, text messages and email.

SmartPTT Webinar – July 2015 – SmartPTT Release 8.7

Support for SLR repeaters, voice calls in Connect Plus
23 July 2015 6:18 pm Trainings/Webinars videos

SmartPTT Webinar – November 2014 – SmartPTT Release 8.6

Improved UI ergonomics, enhanced monitoring and analysis of trunking systems
10 November 2014 11:17 am Trainings/Webinars videos

SmartPTT Webinar – August 2014 – Custom Consoles

In the August webinar we would like to tell you more about SmartPTT Custom Console, a special part of SmartPTT interface
2 September 2014 6:07 pm Trainings/Webinars videos

SmartPTT Webinar – June 2014 – Smooth migration from analogue to digital communication systems

This webinar describes functionality of SmartPTT for analog radio networks and the process of migration from one radio network technology to another one with help of SmartPTT during this process
3 July 2014 3:57 pm Trainings/Webinars videos

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