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SmartPTT GPS Tracking

SmartPTT Tutorial Collection: GPS Tracking

Detailed demo of SmartPTT GPS Tracking capabilites: different map types, finding subscriber on map, movement tracking, geofencing, rules and notifications, and more

SmartPTT Webinar – SmartPTT PLUS Release 9.1

This Motorola webinar presents the new features and updates in the latest release of SmartPTT PLUS 9.1.

SmartPTT Webinar – Indoor Tracking

This webinar presents SmartPTT Indoor Tracking solution - a specially designed Indoor Positioning System for use with Motorola MOTOTRBO radios.

SmartPTT Webinar – Mobile Application

The webinar presents SmartPTT Mobile Application for Android and iOS devices.

Motorola video about SmartPTT PLUS System Monitoring

SmartPTT PLUS System Monitoring is a tool for in-depth analysis and control over connected MOTOTRBO infrastructure.

Motorola video about SmartPTT PLUS solution

Smart PTT PLUS solution for MOTOTRBO - Event logging, voice dispatch, text messages and email.

SmartPTT Webinar – July 2015 – SmartPTT Release 8.7

Support for SLR repeaters, voice calls in Connect Plus
23 July 2015 6:18 pm Trainings/Webinars videos

SmartPTT Webinar – November 2014 – SmartPTT Release 8.6

Improved UI ergonomics, enhanced monitoring and analysis of trunking systems
10 November 2014 11:17 am Trainings/Webinars videos

SmartPTT Webinar – August 2014 – Custom Consoles

In the August webinar we would like to tell you more about SmartPTT Custom Console, a special part of SmartPTT interface
2 September 2014 6:07 pm Trainings/Webinars videos

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