Uralorgsintez OJSC, Petrochemical Enterprise in Russia

11 August, 2014
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Company: Uralorgsintez, OJSC

Region: Tchaikovsky, Perm Region, Russian Federation

System description:

– Capacity Plus
– 1 SmartPTT Radioserver
– 4 MOTOTRBO repeater
– 2 Dispatchers
– 183 Subscribers

Located in Tchaikovsky, a town in the Perm Region of the western Urals, Uralorgsintez OJSC is one of Russia’s largest petrochemical enterprises. The company’s core manufacturing business is the processing of broad fraction light hydrocarbons. The company produces liquefied gases (propane, butane, isobutane and isopentane), high-octane additives and other petrochemical products.

Within the company grounds, there are a large number of construction installations, metal constructions and trees, which together have a negative impact on radio signal quality and the range of network coverage. Due to the increase in channel load in 2013, signal quality was reduced so much that it became difficult to make voice calls even within a single working group.

Uralorgsintez OJSC employees were asked to study the modern radio communications systems market and to suggest ways of resolving the problems associated with the organisation of technical communications. Analysis of the market revealed that the analogue communications system in use had become so out-of-date that it would be significantly more advantageous for the company to transfer to a new digital platform which would offer a number of new functional options, such as: a user location controller; an events and conversations recorder; and a user task management system. Immediately thereafter a decision was taken by the company management to replace the existing radio communications system, and the basic requirements for a new radio communications system were drawn up:

  • Controllers must be able to track the position of all network users;
  • The manager must be able to communicate with work teams by means of a telephone-to-radio-station link;
  • All conversations and events taking place on the system must be recorded;
  • The company management must have the ability to analyse all data with the aim of optimising production processes.

The choice was made in favour of the MOTOTRBO system by Motorola Solutions, which together with the SmartPTT dispatch software has already proved its effectiveness in many industry sectors including mining and oil-and gas extraction.

Installing the digital radio communications system increased the network coverage to a radius of 20 km and resulted in a significant improvement in signal quality. By using the MOTOTRBO- and SmartPTT-based system clients can take advantage of a number of new functions including a gateway to the telephone network, the ability to record and save conversations and analyze user traffic. As a result, the integrated SmartPTT controller software ensured a stable working link between employees and this has had a positive impact on the speed of the company’s production processes.

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