AdapTel logoAdapTel is an interface adapter for receiving and transmitting telemetry data from distributed industrial objects to the dispatch level of customer’s SCADA systems in DMR networks.


Reliability: Use of the private fail-secure communication channel, independent of third-party operators

Network load optimization: Data and voice transmission over a single frequency in different logical channels

Cost-efficiency: Data transmission via voice communication infrastructure, no extra frequencies required

Flexibility: Independence from MOTOTRBO dispatch software and compatibility with any SCADA software


Functionality and characteristics

  • Equipment status monitoring: Uninterrupted data acquisition, even in an emergency
  • Easy configuration: User-friendly web interface to make settings
  • Data visualization: Intuitive software for real-time equipment monitoring and control
  • Robustness: Wide range of operating temperatures, protection against reverse polarity
  • Point-to-multipoint communication: Opportunity to control a large amount of distributed facilities



Operation modes and functionality

AdapTel operation modes


AdapTel specification

AdapTel is a universal device that works both in the digital radio dispatch system “SmartPTT Integra” (manufactured by Elcomplus) and in other communication systems based on the MOTOTRBO platform.



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