A standalone web-based platform for remotely monitoring and controlling IIoT and other industrial automation devices. It also works as an option within SmartPTT dispatch software allowing you to simultaneously control a large number of facilities, equipment parameters and personnel on a single dispatcher console.

SmartICS advantages

SmartICS is a modern and flexible SCADA/IIoT web-based platform. SmartICS is configured without coding and scripting by using the interface builder and widget library. The Plug & Play technology and Drag & Drop tool allow you to monitor and control the necessary parameters and equipment state in a few clicks.

Reduce the time spent on installation and configuration by 3-4 times compared to classic SCADA systems
Minimize errors during system configuration and expansion by using the automated interface builder and visualization panels
Customize the software interface according to the individual needs and tasks of each system user
Calculate the exact price of the license on the system design stage: it depends not on the number of input/output signals from facilities but on the number of connected devices at a site
Reduce the risk of industrial accidents by increasing the dispatcher’s focus using the situational awareness features of SmartICS’s interface. This feature presents the information more clearly and helps the dispatcher only see key parameter deviations
Improve the quality of decision making by analyzing the data from SmartICS’s reports on equipment performance


For more information about SmartICS, visit the product website, or request a demo.

Architecture Plugin architecture with a set of optional functional modules and drivers
Development framework Built-in configuration and editing mode (no separate development framework)
Number of Input/Output signals Unlimited number of processed I/O signals (performance depends on hardware and communication channels)
Number of clients and users Unlimited
Data access Local and remote access to data from any device via the web browser
Database Historical data storage using DBMS MS SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server Express
Installation package size (hard drive requirement) ~ 150 MB.
Operating system MS Windows 7 and 10
Web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Yandex Browser, Safari, Microsoft Edge
Supported data exchange protocols Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, OPC UA Client, Elcom TxRx (AdapTel) – driver for transmitting data over DMR and TETRA radio networks
Supported data collection protocols via the OPC server Profinet, DNP 3.0, IEC-60870-5-104, SNMP MQTT etc.
Integration with third-party applications via the API (JSON format) is possible