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SmartPTT Basic is a software application for integrated control of MOTOTRBO systems. SmartPTT Basic is used for small or middle-sized radio systems with a limited range of features:

  • Few radio subscribers (about 50 subscribers)
  • Telephone interconnect is of marginal significance
  • Simplex frequency is available or a specific site territory doesn’t allow a communication channel for direct connection of a repeater to a radioserver

Application of SmartPTT Basic

SmartPTT Basic is an optimal solution for dispatching control over radio networks based on MOTOTRBO mobile radios. It is also applicable for MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus networks. For systems based on MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus SmartPTT Enterprise is more effective solution.

SmartPTT Basic Architecture


SmartPTT Basic is based on Client-Server technology and allows for construction of dispatch systems with any number of radio networks and dispatch consoles. SmartPTT dispatch console represents a software application on a PC located at any distance from the controlled radio networks. The dispatch console controls the networks through SmartPTT radioservers via IP. SmartPTT Basic radioserver controls subscribers through MOTOTRBO base radios connected by USB and audio cables.

Standard Features

 Radio Dispatch                  
 Events and Voice Logging                  
 Text and Data Transfer                  


Optional Features

 Telephone Interconnect    

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