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The SmartPTT RG-1000e is a gateway that is used to connect MOTOTRBO control stations to SmartPTT Radioserver using an IP channel such as a corporate IP-network or the Internet.


SmartPTT RG-1000e Benefits

Easy configuration and deployment of the system

  • Lower radio interference with geographically distributed control stations
  • Less time required for the radio system deployment
  • Operates in a harsh environment

Cost reduction

  • Fewer radioservers are required
  • No sound cards are needed for the radioserver
  • Low-cost maintenance of the system

Enhanced RG-1000e (2017)


Main Features of RG-1000e

  • Connects up to 2 control radios with simultaneous operation
  • MOTOTRBO digital and analog modes are supported (including one digital and one analog simultaneously)
  • Multiple radioservers can be connected to one RG-1000e (up to 8 IP connections)
  • Supports the following MOTOTRBO topologies: Simplex, Conventional, IPSC, Capacity Plus, LCP, Capacity Max, Connect Plus
  • Supports High Tier mobile radios DM4***/DM4**e/XPR5***/XPR5***e/ DGM8***/DGM8***e/DGM5***/DGM5***e/XiRM8600/XiRM8600i and Middle Tier mobile radios DM2600/XPR2500/DEM500/ XiRM6660

Verticals RG-1000eThe RG-1000e Is Especially Useful:

  • There is no direct IP connection between the repeater and the radioserver or the system architecture does not provide it.
  • The radioserver soundcard does not support enough audio channels to connect to all control stations.
  • In operating environments with a narrow frequency range, to avoid interference between control stations (i.e. some airports).
  • For the communication of the radio subscribers with the dispatcher in locations, where installation of repeaters is not economically feasible.

How It Works

SmartPTT RG-1000e in conventional and trunking MOTOTRBO radio systems without a direct IP connection to repeaters.

Without SmartPTT RG-1000e

Without SmartPTT RG-1000e in MOTOTRBO radio systems

With SmartPTT RG-1000e

SmartPTT RG-1000e in MOTOTRBO radio systems

SmartPTT RG-1000e in MOTOTRBO radio systems that use control stations in Capacity Plus and hybrid solutions with data transmissions over NAI and voice transmissions over control stations.


SmartPTT RG-1000 in MOTOTRBO radio systems

RG-1000e Gateway Specification

SmartPTT RG-1000e Specification

RG-1000* Use Cases

RG-1000e Use Cases

*Previous version of RG-1000e

Note: The MOTOTRBO radio is not included and should be purchased separately.

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