MOTOTRBO DM3400 / DM3401 Digital Radio Station

19 janeiro, 2014
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The MOTOTRBO DM3400 / DM3401
 Digital mobile radio station includes all necessary features to ensure reliable communication with employees travelling by car.

A minimum number of buttons makes the MOTOTRBO DM3400 / DM3401 radio station simple to use and it requirement minimal training.

The radio station includes enhanced emergency call functions:

  • Prioritization of current calls;
  • Instant connection even in case of emergency;
  • Remote radio control of radio station transmitters and receivers;
  • Improved safety for employees and customers.

Description of radio station features and technical specifications:

  • 7-segment display with 3 icons;
  • 2 programmable buttons;
  • The radio station can be programmed for use both in analog and digital mode;
  • Improved accessory jack with enhanced durability;
  • Compact form factor;
  • IP support via USB for data transmission;
  • Functional board slot;
  • Digital encoding;
  • Built-in GPS receiver (MotoTRBO DM3401).

A wide range of standard accessories is offered for the radio stations and accessories are available with the enhanced features and benefits of digital radio stations:

  • New industrial design;
  • RF connector, USB and additional I/O options;
  • Improved water resistance of connectors;
  • Extended operating life.

Please notice!

Series of MOTOTRBO equipment are different in each region.
For NA – XPR 4350
For LACR – DGM 4100+/4100
For APAC – XiR M8228/8220

MOTOTRBO DM3400 / DM3401 Radio Station Specifications

Bandwidth VHF: 136–174 MHz
UHF bandwidth: 403–470 MHz
Channel width 12.5 / 20.0 / 25.0 kHz
No. of channels 32
Transmitter power 1–25 / 25–40 W
Size (H x W x D), mm 51×175×206
Weight, kg 1.8

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