MOTOTRBO DR3000 Digital Repeater

21 janeiro, 2014
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pic_DR3000_Motorola_digital_repeater_miniThe MOTOTRBO DR3000 Repeater includes enhanced digital communication features in a very compact form factor.
The MOTOTRBO DR3000 Repeater implements the latest design and manufacturing technologies of the radio communication industry:

  • 100% operating cycle with maximum loads;
  • The repeator can be programmed for use both in analog and digital mode;
  • 8 LED indicators (power, ON/OFF status, digital mode, analog mode and receiver/transmitter status per slot);
  • Backup power interface;
  • Interface options for future connections: USB, Ethernet, PABX, management and monitoring systems — UDP/IP protocol (SCADA).

Please notice!

Series of MOTOTRBO equipment are different in each region.
For NA – XPR 8400 / XPR 8380 / XPR 8300
For LACR – DGR 6175
For APAC  XiR R8200

Features and benefits

Capacity Plus 
A scalable, single-site trunking solution that enables over a thousand radio users to share business-critical voice and data communication on the same system.

Reliable performance
Runs 100% continuous full-duty cycle at 40 W.

TDMA digital audio capability
Time-division mulitple-access (TDMA) provides twice the calling capacity for the price of one license.

Programmable buttons
Allow easy access to favorite features, such as one-touch calling.

Signal strength indicator
Powerful, front-projecting speaker transmits in TDMA digital or .5/5-kHz analogue.

Easy installation
Wall- or rack-mountable, with sturdy handles.

MOTOTRBO DR3000 Repeater Specifications

Frequency, MHz VHF: 136–174
UHF: 403–470 / 450-527
Channel Spacing, KHz 12.5 / 25.0
Transmitter power, W 1–25 / 25–40
Size (H x W x D), mm 132.6 x 482.6 x 296.5
Weight, kg 14

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