Russian Emergencies Ministry of Sakhalin Region

31 March, 2016
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Russian Emergencies Ministry of Sakhalin Region uses SmartPTTCompany: Regional public establishment “The Authority for assurance of activities for Civil Defense, protection from Emergency situations and for Fire Safety of the Sakhalin Region”.

Location: Sakhalin Region, Russia.

System description:

  • IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus
  • SmartPTT Enterprise
  • 5 sites (the system will be increased up to 19 sites soon), 800 subscribers

Partner: Kriljon-Service

The Sakhalin region is the region in the east of Russia located only on the islands: Sakhalin Island and Kuril Islands. Half a million residents of the area are constantly kept in suspense by 9 active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. The climate is also not very pleasant: in winter there are often strong snow-storms, accompanied by avalanches, and in a warm season the floods are frequent.


Such geographical and climatic conditions place great demands on the work of Russian Emergencies Ministry of Sakhalin region. Analog radio systems, which the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Sakhalin region had been using during a long time, didn’t meet its requirements. They covered with radio signal only a limited zone, while the dispatchers needed high-quality radio communication on all territory of the region and a possibility of permanent supervision over all conversations of rescue and fire departments, as well as in GPS monitoring of subscribers. Besides, the problem of protection of analog communication channels against unauthorized data transmission, industrial interference and channel disturbance from third-party radio stations, were particularly acute.


For providing uninterruptible radio communication in any area, improvement of management of rescue activities and also increase of safety and overall performance of employees the management of the Russian Emergencies Ministry of Sakhalin Region has made the decision to switch from analog to digital radio communication. They chose MOTOTRBO system by Motorola Solutions, which provides a steady radio signal over a large area, consistent voice quality and high protection level of the radio conversations. Besides, MOTOTRBO digital radio communication systems offer the possibility of drawing up an optimized RF plan, allowing to cut expenses due to less frequencies required.

The new radio dispatch system is developed in such way that in coverage zone of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk base station the radio stations work in Capacity Plus trunking mode, and in other areas IP Site Connect conventional operating mode is set. All base repeaters are connected to the radio server, located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, using routers that provide base stations with the main communication channel (a data transmission network of organization) and an alternative channel of communication (3G of mobile network operator). Subscriber MOTOTRBO radios are divided into 4 groups: Firefighters, Rescuers, Service, Management, – thus, the dispatch system covers both the operational-rescue needs as well as service and administrative needs of the Russian Emergencies Ministry of Sakhalin Region.


As a MOTOTRBO™ software for the new radio dispatch system SmartPTT was chosen. After one and a half year of work of new system the staff of the Russian Emergencies Ministry of Sakhalin Region have noted the following effects from use of SmartPTT:

  • The possibility of GPS monitoring and GPS tracking of subscribers allowed the Russian Emergencies Ministry of Sakhalin Region to improve operational management of employees during rescue activities.
  • Function of voice call recording helped to increase control of rescuers and firefighters actions.
  • Telephone Interconnect Gateway, provided by SmartPTT, has given to the staff of the Russian Emergencies Ministry an opportunity to contact through a departmental telephone network with the employees who don’t have subscriber stations.
  • The system contributed to the reduction of unauthorized data transmission and channel disturbances by 80%.

However, the most important result of installation of SmartPTT dispatch software, according to the management of the Russian Emergencies Ministry of Sakhalin Region, became the possibility of the centralized management of the dispatch radio system, regardless of the subscriber’s location, and also operational radio communication in the areas of rescue activities, leading to the increase in the efficiency and safety of work of the employees by 50%.