Ministry of Transports and Traffic of Guarulhos city, Brazil

18 April, 2013
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Company: Secretaria de Transports e Trânsito da cidade de Guarulhos (Ministry of Transports
and Traffic of Guarulhos city)
Location: Country Brasil – Sao Paulo State – Guarulhos City
System description:
– 2 IP Site Connect systems
– 6 repeaters
– 1 radioserver
– 3 dispatchers
– 150 subscribers

STT is the ministry of Guarulhos city government responsible for managing and monitor traffic, maintaining and signaling county streets. Guarulhos is the second biggest municipality of the state, having 1.3 million inhabitants, and it is part of «Big São Paulo», formed by the conurbation of several cities. With numbers of this magnitude, Guarulhos has a troubled transit.

STT plays an important role to organize supervise city streets, and SmartPTT is an essential tool to keep this gear running in emergency situations such as storms, accidents and events of such kind.
The implementation of SmartPTT and MOTOTRBO system provided STT with the capability to reduce service time, giving more flexibility to the process.

Tracking GPS location of 150 subscribers on Console screen, Dispatcher is capable to choose the nearest employee and in an instance send them to the required place. Dispatcher is also capable of managing workers divided in two different IP Site Connect systems using only one Radioserver, which provides flexibility to the system architecture and easy control of workers in different areas. Events log and report tool provide complete analysis information for department manager for evaluate the actions of its employees.

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