SmartPTT 9.5 release: dynamic group number assignment, P25 systems support

7 May, 2019
Release announcements

The new version 9.5 of SmartPTT radio dispatch software is available today for Download on our website. The latest update introduces a number of improvements for faster and more efficient work coordination during emergencies: dynamic group number assignment, P25 systems support over APX control stations, custom console enhancements, and more.

Dynamic Group Number Assignment (available for Capacity Max only; starting from MOTOTRBO 2.10 firmware) is a convenient dispatcher’s tool in extraordinary situations. A dispatcher now can easily create a temporary talkgroup for any specified subscriber radio without having to program it using Radio Management – they can do it directly via a custom console interface. The dispatcher creates a dynamic group and works with it as a normal talkgroup until deleting it. This feature helps save time when responding to special events or incidents

SmartPTT PLUS 9.5 offers enhanced support for P25 radio systems using APX control stations for interoperability with MOTOTRBO radio systems. The new enhancements include channel changing, all calls, group calls, and displaying of unit ID. These functions enable dispatchers to use fewer donor radios to talk with multiple first responder agencies. Control station must be conected directly to the SmartPTT Radioserver computer over the Elcomplus LCC cable.

Custom console enhancements in SmartPTT 9.5 allow concentrating all required voice dispatching work on the SmartPTT custom console. Now dispatchers are able to create new cross patches or to change channels directly in the custom console. They can also hide icons, change the font size on them, alter their width, and turn on word wrapping.

With the SmartPTT 9.5 release, we are happy to announce our official Server API release. SmartPTT now officially provides and supports the application programming interface known as Server API. SmartPTT API allows working with different applications and provides such functionality as incoming and outgoing voice calls, text messaging, location updates, raw data transfer, and more.

To make the integration process clearer for both engineering and non-engineering staff, we are introducing the SmartPTT Software Development Kit (SKD) tool for SmartPTT API, which allows development teams to work more efficiently on integration projects, while sales and project managers can use our documentation to better understand all of the capabilities of the SmartPTT API.

Check out all the enhancements and changes in SmartPTT 9.5 in our detailed Release Notes:

SmartPTT Enterprise 9.5 Release Notes

SmartPTT PLUS 9.5 Release Notes