Elcomplus helps to define the optimized radio system structure

We present a new service for our partners who need assistance in preparation of a technical solution for the customers.

Development of a technical solution usually starts with a task of providing the required coverage zone for the facility using most suitable amount of the equipment. The estimations can be based on personal professional experience or making measures using real equipment directly at the site, but the result can be achieved with less effort and higher precision – using modern signal analysis techniques and creating a computer simulation of the radio coverage for the facility.

Computer simulation eliminates the necessity of sending an engineer to the field and spending a decent amount of money for it. Using a number of initial values and necessary calculations and estimations, we will prepare a report that contains detailed information about the coverage areas for the planned system. It will show variations of the coverage for different types of subscriber equipment with certain positions of the base stations. Thus, it may illustrate absence of the coverage in some areas or overlapping zones. The RF coverage report can also provide data for the cost estimate of the system and serve as a solid background for a reasonable and credible technical solution.

You can get FIRST FREE ESTIMATION for your current project or one of the working systems and compare the results with the real picture. We will be happy to answer any questions concerning this service. Contact us at info@smartptt.com to get assistance.

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