Manufacturing – SC “AMMONI”, Russia

Our projects | May 17

MOTOTRBO & SmartPTT for a newly built hazardous production facility

How to configure the Lone Worker mode

Technical tips | May 15

The basic configuration process step by step

Transportation – SmartPTT for Irkutsk International Airport, Russia

Our projects | Apr 17

SmartPTT helps travelers from all over the world to visit lake Baikal

Sales Support

More projects – better results!

Our support will help you maintain professional consultant status with your clients in issues of MOTOTRBO and SmartPTT system construction. We will help you identify competitive advantages, review functional capabilities and give recommendations on a general technical solution.
The SmartPTT support service will help you to confidentially resolve questions that arise at all stages – from the development of a technical solution for the customer to project implementation and support.

SmartPTT sales support services

Recommendations for reviewing SmartPTT capabilities

Our experts will help you make presentations for your clients.
We are willing to travel or remotely provide you with the necessary information to review both existing and future SmartPTT capabilities. We will share our experiences on how to answer customer objections and form a positive perception of new solutions.

Recommendations on solutions architecture

Create an appropriate technical solution architecture for a customer’s specific situation.
Our experts have huge experience in introducing MOTOTRBO– and SmartPTT-based systems in numerous areas and at various scales, and they can give proven technical recommendations and assist in drawing up configurations.


Help in writing a statement of work with persuasive arguments

Conclude more deals, with better results!
Don’t just use your own commercial and technical knowledge and experience.
We will share our experiences with you that we have had through numerous successful projects with our partners. This information will assist in preparing a successful proposal the customer.

Test environment support

Use a live SmartPTT demonstration to illustrate the benefits to the customer.
We give the necessary advice on deploying an experimental environment for the customer. We help to draw up a testing methodology to demonstrate the capabilities and full range of SmartPTT benefits

We care about your success!

For greater success and results in selling MOTOTRBO– and SmartPTT-based systems we recommend the following to our Partners:

  • Determine the manager responsible for selling MOTOTRBO- and SmartPTT-based systems
  • Allocate time for your experts to study SmartPTT and attend our training sessions and webinars
  • Send us your sales forecasts – to protect your sales and priorities in developing SmartPTT

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