RF Coverage Estimation

RF coverage estimation is a computer simulation of the territory radio coverage that gives necessary estimations of the coverage zone based on modern signal analysis techniques. Provided at the beginning of radio network deployment, it allows defining the optimized structure of the system. It helps companies to avoid such possible problems as excessive implementation costs, inconsistent infrastructure with overlapping zones or absence of coverage at the required places, incorrect integration of a new radio system into the existing infrastructure.


RF coverage estimation allows

  • minimize risks in project implementation
  • eliminate expenses for site survey
  • provide reasonable budget estimations for the customer
  • ensure decision making based on numbers and estimations

The estimation report includes a map with base stations’ locations and variations of the radio coverage that is provided for different types of subscriber equipment. It can show overlapping zones or spots that lack the coverage, so that possible ways to expand or optimize the coverage area can be identified. It also contains recommendations for equipment configuration and settings, and provides information for rough cost estimate of system implementation.


Are you planning to build or expand a radio network?

You can start with RF coverage estimation and the computer model of a coverage zone to provide the most efficient and cost-effective system for the facility.


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