System Deployment

System Deployment Service involves participation of our specialist in installation and start-up of the system at the Customer’s site. System Deployment is a mutually beneficial activity, since the Customer acquires ready-to-use system and confidence in its quality, and we are positive about the Customer’s content with system operation.

System Deployment Service includes*:

  • Customer’s equipment check and errors fix
  • Commissioning works (radioserver and dispatcher consoles configuration, features check, configuration of monitoring subsystem and some field radios, operational check, etc.)
  • Customer’s personnel training

* For the detailed information about SmartPTT’s on-site implementation services and requirements please check SmartPTT Terms of On-Site Services.

Our specialists deploy all topologies: 

IP Site Connect, remote conventional sites, Capacity Plus Single & Multi-Site, Connect Plus, Capacity Max.

Elcomplus’s inclusion in the project on early stages of the system design guarantees successful system implementation, which helps our partners to carry out bigger and more complicated projects.

Ordering the onsite software implementation, you can be sure in the quality of the installed system:

  • Faster implementation times.
  • SmartPTT is customized to the customer’s need.
  • Dispatcher training helps ensure correct system usage and comfort with the system.
  • Greatly reduce implementation issues for greater customer satisfaction. The system works its best!

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