SmartPTT 7.0.7 Christmas Release

30 December, 2010
Release announcements


We are glad to announce Christmas release of SmartPTT, version 7.0.7!

In scope of release 7.0.7, we have updated both SmartPTT Advanced and SmartPTT Enterprise.


Important! SmartPTT 7.0.7 was built together with the newest application development platform – Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. It has allowed us to eliminate known system issues and considerably decrease setup package size.


Important! SmartPTT 7.0.7 now works on 64bit Windows operating systems.


  1. Radio Activity Report. The report shows the information about the amount and duration of calls grouped daily or hourly. In addition to numerical presentation report shows graphical view of the data.
  2. Call History Panel. Displays the list of last voice calls. The panel provides convenient representation of subscribers having done recent voice calls for quick access to corresponding call windows.
  3. Points of Interest. Points of Interest – graphical labels displayed on the map, defined at the dispatcher console. Points of Interest panel allows quick positioning to corresponding location on the map.
  4. SmartPTT Autostart. Dispatcher console automatic launch at Windows start.
  5. Special color for subscribers having valid locations. Subscribers with the location time not older than specified can be displayed in subscriber tree by the special color.


  1. Basic privacy support in SmartPTT Enterprise.
  2. New options of telephone interconnect.
  3. Automatic update of route table at Radioserver.

You can always download the latest release on our Download page.