SmartPTT 8.1 Released

14 May, 2013
Release announcements

Elcomplus is proud to announce new release of SmartPTT MOTOTRBO Application, version 8.1! New version of SmartPTT introduces a number of valuable features enhancing system capabilities, adding new functionality, improving user interface.


Together with MOTOTRBO firmware 2.2a, Motorola has introduced a new interface for third-party application developers to implement voice and data operations over IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus systems. SmartPTT Enterprise is proud to be the first dispatch solution supporting data capabilities through MOTOTRBO Network Application Interface. Using MNAI we implement Automatic Registration, Text Messaging, GPS and Telemetry functionality.


SmartPTT Radioservers now can be joined into single environment exposing resources of all Radioservers under control of connected dispatcher consoles. Cross-Radioserver channel also implement dynamic bridging for private and group calls.


Latest series of MOTOTRBO radios have a new feature – job ticketing. To support it we developed special “Job Tickets” panel.

Using Job Ticketing functionality operator can:

  • Create new job tickets
  • Assign job tickets to radio subscribers and subscriber groups
  • Monitor status change of a job ticket
  • Filter job ticket list using special criteria
  • Set up color for statuses and sound alarm for status change 

Other new functionality:

  • Channel Selector. New control at custom consoles which allows switching channels at the control stations.
  • Mute for talk groups. Now each talk group can be muted individually in the dispatch console.
  • “Speeding” GPS Rule. Ability to monitor subscriber driving over the prescribed speed limit.
  • Additional settings to compose automatic text messages in the “Rules and Alerts”.
  • Online Subscriber Report.