SmartPTT 8.6: better UI ergonomics, new monitoring possibilities for MOTOTRBO trunking systems, bridging with 4-wire (E&M) interface

New SmartPTT release is available for download

We are happy to announce the release of the new 8.6 version of SmartPTT MOTOTRBO software with enhancements meant to improve dispatcher’s work.

Enhanced System Monitoring services

  • System administrator can now follow all network performance data on one screen without switching between tabs. The tabs can be organized as separate windows or grouped back in one. Build SmartPTT interface according to your needs!


  • Analytics report can now be generated for the whole system, specific site or an individual repeater;


  • New type of report is available – system usage report. It shows an analytics about channel loading on each site and in the whole system, as well as information about any downtime. So now administrators could monitor usage of the available resources in the system to allocate additional channels on the sites when needed to provide uninterrupted communications for subscribers;


  • MOTOTRBO network management for complex systems has been made easier with radioserver configurator gathering and saving current network topology to simplify alarms and disconnections monitoring.


New in Dispatcher Interface

  • Subscriber panel that used to be on the left side of the dispatcher window is now divided into three tabs:
    • Subscriber list
    • Sound spectrum
    • Call log

Each tab can be freely moved or hided , so dispatcher interface could be configured according to your needs.

  • Online and offline subscribers are shown in one list instead of two separate lists, with filtering and quick search options added


Indoor Tracking

SmartPTT supports indoor tracking starting from v8.3, and now we greatly improved the convenience of indoor tracking for buildings with multiple floors or other complicated configuration through the multiple tabs support.


Phone Calls Support in Linked Capacity Plus and Capacity Plus systems through Control Stations

For hybrid systems, where data calls are made through NAI Data IP interface and voice calls are made through control stations, SmartPTT supports also phone interconnect. Phone calls are made through control stations and could be initiated by dialing number on radio keypad, with a text message or by dispatcher request.

Bridging between MOTOTRBO and 4-wire (E&M) systems

Radioserver now can connect to 4-wire (or E&M) systems via IP connection to Cisco routers  with E&M interface board installed:

  • Dispatchers can monitor and make calls to such systems from dispatcher console;
  • SmartPTT can bridge calls between MOTOTRBO radio system and 4-wire systems to provide seamless communications between them;
  • It simplifies the migration process from analog system to digital and provides bridging possibilities for many other type of systems.

Other Updates and Enhancements

  • Subscribers’ presence in the system for radios without ARS support can be determined based on any activity from the radio as well as based on automatic Radio Check commands;
  • New rule available on radioserver side – subscribers can be notified upon dispatcher connection and disconnection from the system, so they always be aware what services are currently available for them;
  • Optional time interval can be set to periodically check and automatically update telemetry status on subscriber radios to simplify dispatcher routines and promptly monitor any changes in status of telemetry contacts.

SmartPTT 8.6 release notes

Download the new SmartPTT version.



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