SmartPTT 8.7: Support for SLR repeaters, voice calls in Connect Plus

6 July, 2015
Release announcements

We are glad to announce the release of the new 8.7 version of SmartPTT software with work through control stations in Connect Plus system.

MOTOTRBO SLR 5000 series repeaters support

SmartPTT 8.7 comes with full support for new MOTOTRBO repeaters in all types of MOTOTRBO systems, including legacy IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus. Earlier SmartPTT versions are also compatible with SLR 5000 series repeaters but we advise you to get the latest version in order to fully experience the advantages of the new powerful repeaters.


Connect Plus enhancements: Fast GPS support and voice calls through control stations

  • With the use of Fast GPS – optimized GPS tracking in Connect Plus 1.6 – SmartPTT now could update the subscriber locations every 30 seconds for hundreds of subscribers at the same time, making positioning even more accurate.
  • Voice transmission through control stations allows creating simple cost-effective systems that require only several talkgroup voice calls. This solution is perfect for users of commercial networks as it allows voice operations without connection to the operator’s infrastructure.

New in Indoor Tracking

Indoor Tracking now provides subscriber track animation, guard patrol route control and geo-fencing with configurable alarms, earlier available only for GPS Tracking. We have also added support for a new platform – Connect-RTLS from BluFi company.


New feature in addition to conference calls and bridging for organizing group calls between subscribers in different systems or inside one radio network. Unlike Radio Network Bridging feature, cross-patch is created by a dispatcher only when required, and cross-patch leaves the channel free while in conference calls the channel is permanently busy for the radio users to hear the telephone subscribers.



Subscription expiration notification

Notification will let you know when your subscription is going to be over and you will be able to renew it to keep getting updates and our technical support.

Other improvements:

  • R2.4a and Connect Plus R1.6 support
  • New rule – number of subscribers in a zone – allows the dispatcher to ensure that dangerous zones are not attended alone and vice versa, to see that some areas are not overcrowded.
  • Ability to manually set subscriber’s location via Set location option by clicking on the map or by entering the coordinates
  • List of codecs to be used by Server and Client for Telephone interconnection was introduced, with ability to change priorities and enable/disable them.

SmartPTT Release Notes

Download PDF file with complete changelog from SmartPTT 8.6 to 8.7

Download the new SmartPTT version