SmartPTT 9.0: Support for Capacity Max, Indoor Positioning

30 May, 2016
Release announcements

We are happy to announce the release of the new 9.0 version of SmartPTT, which is now available for Download.

Working on this release, we took into account not only the need to support the new products by Motorola Solutions company, but also tried to consider all your requests and implemented the most frequent of them, in an effort to enhance the quality and convenience of dispatchers’ work with SmartPTT for the improvement of operational control and employee safety.

The changes include the support for Motorola next generation trunking solution Capacity Max, and new MOTOTRBO R2.6 firmware, enhanced Fleet Management, Audio Control, Dispatcher Control and analytics, and support for MOTOTRBO iBeacon (BTLE) Indoor Positioning.

Capacity Max Support

SmartPTT 9.0 provides complete support for MOTOTRBO Capacity Max, including voice dispatch*, call recording*, telephone interconnect*, GPS Tracking, Text messaging and other data services. Flexible deployment, increased capacity and scalability, enhanced performance and feature-set, improved management and monitoring – all of these advantages of Capacity Max system are available with SmartPTT PLUS 9.0.

* In SmartPTT PLUS systems only

MOTOTRBO Bluetooth Indoor Tracking

SmartPTT 9.0 supports the new functionality, offered by enhanced MOTOTRBO radios, presenting a real-time indoor positioning system for MOTOTRBO subscribers. Indoor Tracking greatly enhances employee safety: in case of an emergency situation, you’ll know the exact location of your employees. This helps minimize response times that could be lifesaving.

Enhanced Audio control

The dispatcher now has the option to set separate speakers for select and unselect audio, emergency alarms and calls or system sounds, which improves the quality and convenience of dispatcher work and allows the operator to focus on the most important conversations. The new feature of minimum volume settings reduces the risk of potential mutes by mistake. Moreover, emergency calls can now be broadcasted over loud-speaker, so they won’t be missed.

Improved Fleet Management

A new subscriber editor allows dispatchers to manage large fleet of subscribers easily, changing subscriber properties in batches. Besides, our new element for custom console – the dial pad to manually dial a subscriber – will help to find necessary subscriber quickly (particularly important if you have many of them) and to call or perform any other action with the desired subscriber.

Better Dispatcher Control and Analytics

Now SmartPTT supports the simultaneous operation of multiple cross-patches, which allows to improve the organization of subscribers’ interaction. Emergency alarms and calls are now highlighted in red in the Event Log, which provides faster identification of alarm conditions when analyzing.

Other improvements:

SmartPTT Release Notes

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