SmartPTT 9.1: Support for Radio System of Any Size

6 December, 2016
Release announcements

The new version 9.1 of SmartPTT radio dispatch software was released and is now available for Download.

The updates include the support for Capacity Max 2.7 and new Extended Range Direct Mode topology, enhanced dispatcher control and analytics, as well as several improvements in audio control and system management.

Capacity Max 2.7 Support

SmartPTT 9.1 supports 250 sites introduced in MOTOTRBO R2.7. Think big: regional and state-wide networks for emergency services, energy networks, pipelines, networks of mines – using the new opportunities of SmartPTT 9.1, you will be able to create and dispatch large Capacity Max systems. Moreover, SmartPTT 9.1 provides the new level of system sustainability and smooth operation: in case of failure of the primary controller, redundant ones will continue to provide a system operation.

The ensuring of reliable delivery of the critical data is an important issue in every organization. To protect information in any situation, SmartPTT 9.1 supports MNIS Data Gateway Redundancy and Wireline Console Radio Kill. Be carefull! Radio Kill is a really powerful feature – you’ll be able to preserve confidential access and remotely kill the radio, using SmartPTT.

Extended Range Direct Mode Support

SmartPTT 9.1 supports new topology – Extended Range Direct Mode (aka single frequency repeater), allowing to extend the range even if limited in frequencies. It’s the new mode of operation for MOTOTRBO repeaters, when Rx and Tx frequencies are the same and repeater is receiving on one timeslot and transmitting on the other timeslot.

Enhanced Dispatcher Control and Analytics

If for privacy reasons a subscriber cannot be tracked on the map, the dispatcher in SmartPTT 9.1 can use a new mode of indoor location: for each user he will see only a list of beacons nearby. This simple option of display can help dispatcher to identify subscriber location very quick in critical situations.

To determine the efficiency of the transport fleet, SmartPTT 9.1 proposes you to monitor all your vehicles with detailed reports about their trips: windshield time, stop time and location, idle time, maximum speed.

And one more update: in exceptional cases when dispatch console loses connection to the radio system, the dispatcher, using SmartPTT 9.1, can detect which of system components failed and can immediately inform system administrator to solve the problem much more quickly.

Improved audio processing

SmartPTT 9.1 presents the new feature for audio processing, which allows to tune audio for each control station independently. It can enhance sound quality while bridging from analog to digital wireline system, by filtering out excessive noise and tone controls.

System management: the advanced server redundancy is coming soon

SmartPTT 9.1 made the first step towards the advanced server redundancy, introducing the synchronization of settings between main and redundant servers. System of rules determined by administrator helps to configure the backup server automatically using the primary server as an example. It greatly saves time, contributing to the efficient use of resources.

To see all the improvements look through the detailed Release Notes:

Download SmartPTT 9.1 here

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