SmartPTT 9.2: Convenient way of subscribers management and extended WAVE support

Free SmartPTT 9.2 trial version is available for download from our website.

The new version 9.2 of SmartPTT radio dispatch software was released and is now available for Download. The updates include a new way of radio subscribers’ management, extended WAVE integration and different minor features for the best system performance and user experience.

Wave Functionality Support

SmartPTT 9.2 supports such Wave functionality as Private/Group Calls and Location. SmartPTT dispatcher can send and receive PPT from WAVE Mobile Clients. Private and group calls are available in SmartPTT without any restrictions. The software can obtain the location of a Wave Mobile Client and use it in the dispatch console for different purposes like geofencing, setting location rules, building tracks, and others. The key moment is that the Operator can dispatch to both MOTOTRBO radios and to WAVE Mobile Clients using the familiar interface.

Sign In/Sign Out

SmartPTT 9.2 presents a new convenient way of subscribers’ management. Now several users can be associated with one radio and the current authorized user will be displayed to the dispatcher. For this purpose, a new User term was introduced to indicate different users of one radio (Sign In/Sign Out User). The User authorization helps the dispatcher to control the situation better and to make the right decisions, because the dispatcher knows the specific person. Moreover, User authorization reduces the expenses on the equipment (workers of several regular shifts can use the same radios) and makes the dispatcher’s work much easier, getting rid of the need to keep separate lists of radios and work shifts schedule.

New User condition is also available for positioning rules and custom rules in SmartPTT Dispatcher and rules in SmartPTT Radio Server Configurator, which allows setting certain rules for different users on one radio.

Previously the reports could be generated only based on the radio ID, and now it is possible for each Sign In/Sign Out User (in SmartPTT Dispatcher Report Wizard, Radio Locations, and Radio Movement reports), even if they work with the same radio.

Minor Features

SmartPTT 9.2 includes new minor features aimed at the best system performance and user experience:

  1. Operating with a large amount of radios in SmartPTT Dispatcher becomes more convenient:
  • Radios amount indicator in the Radio menu
  • Category multiple selecting feature

2. Option for changing preamble duration for better performance (mostly required for IPSC networks).

3. TLS-encryption feature for voice transmissions in the Capacity Max networks

4. Updated indication for outgoing and encrypted calls

Updated Features

SmartPTT 9.2 updated features list contains the Improvements in the different parts of the software and can be found here. It concerns sound quality, menu structure, preamble duration, monitoring features, and others. New SmartPTT colors ensure better user experience and allow the dispatchers to make the custom console the most convenient for them.

To see all the improvements look through the detailed Release Notes:

Download SmartPTT 9.2 here

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