SmartPTT 9.3: maps redesign, digital backhaul

4 June, 2018
Release announcements

The new version 9.3 of SmartPTT radio dispatch software is released and available for Download. The updates include improved interface, support of backhaul repeater chains, support of remote analog Motorola Solutions control stations, Tipro consoles and HID devices support, call priority feature, and more.

Improved interface

For the better user experience, SmartPTT maps interface was redesigned. SmartPTT 9.3 supports individual settings for multiple Maps panels opened simultaneously. These settings include specific categories of tracked radios, specific points of interests, routes and geofences. For example, the dispatcher can control different subscribers on different screens simultaneously.

Enhanced console capabilities

SmartPTT 9.3 supports various computer accessories connected as HID devices (manufactured by Holmco, Imtradex, Peitel) and Tipro consoles. Dispatchers who works with Tipro consoles now can dial a radio id and start/end private and group calls.

Call priority

The new SmartPTT 9.3 functionality provides the ability to change a call priority level (normal / high) in the Capacity Max systems. Using this feature, dispatchers can initiate a new voice call by interrupting the lower-priority voice calls, which ensures guaranteed access to the necessary subscriber in case of emergency.

Digital backhaul

Backhaul Repeater Chains feature, presented in SmartPTT 9.3, is a new way to work with multi-site radio systems.

Without DHB With DHB

This functionality is used for setting up multisite conventional systems (IPSC) without a wired network. The connection between the repeaters is established via the DMR network.

SCADA module support

SCADA moduleSmartPTT supports the SCADA module for the AdapTel device, ensuring easy interaction with any equipment via dispatch console. For now, the development of SCADA module is available by request. Ready-to-use solution will be presented in the next release. SCADA module provides ability to monitor and control electronic devices remotely. Data received can be used for automatic reactions of the dispatch system via the Rules mechanism. Single SCADA and dispatch platform allows organizing efficient business processes management with remote equipment monitoring and corresponding staff coordination.

SmartPTT 9.3 also includes such enhancements as the support of remote analog Motorola Solutions control stations (MTM, APX, GM/CDM), hotkeys updates, support of the 5 Tone signaling, enhanced alarm notifications, etc. To see all the improvements look through the detailed Release Notes:

Download SmartPTT 9.3 here