SmartPTT 9.8 Release: Enhanced GPS and Mobile Client Features, Updated Audio System

6 November, 2020
Release announcements

We are happy to present SmartPTT 9.8, our latest version of dispatch software for MOTOTRBO systems, already available for you on our website. In this release, we have significantly expanded capabilities of the software solution, as well as enhanced and improved the existing functionality.

Location on PTT

SmartPTT 9.8 supports the Inband GPS feature introduced in the latest version of MOTOTRBO firmware. It allows a radio to send location updates at the start of transmission: location updates are sent on each transmission, or on emergency transmission only. This simplifies subscriber movement tracking and dispatch control in emergencies.

Mobile Client Dispatching

In the new release, the operator can dispatch SmartPTT Mobile users from the desktop and web clients. In SmartPTT 9.8, dispatchers are able to perform the following actions:

  • Make group calls to mobile app users
  • Make private calls to mobile app users
  • Connect mobile app users with radio subscribers using cross patches.

Mobile clients also keep the ability to initiate/receive calls to/from radio subscribers and other SmartPTT Mobile users.

GPS Tracking of Mobile Clients

In SmartPTT 9.8, we added the ability for dispatchers to monitor the location of mobile app users using the desktop and web clients. Geolocation functions, positioning rules and reporting are now applicable to mobile clients.

Other Enhancements

In the new release we provided improvements to make dispatching more convenient:

  • Improvements in the audio system of the desktop client.
  • Centralized configuration of conditions for receiving location data.
  • Focusing on the appropriate call window upon an incoming event.
  • Displaying of the timestamps of incoming events on the custom console.
  • Ability to call back quickly to the subscriber who triggered the rule.
  • Mute/unmute feature for talkgroups included in multiselect groups.
  • Customizable call alert tone.


You can view the complete list of the enhancements and changes in SmartPTT 9.8 in the Release Notes.



Some systems require a license for voice calls to radio subscribers. Please contact us for details.

To find out the details of using the mobile client in SmartPTT PLUS, contact us.