SmartPTT Cross Patch feature

31 May, 2017
Technical tips

SmartPTT’s Cross Patch feature allows you to bridge any talkgroups shown in the dispatcher interface without additional licenses. This functionality is extremely user friendly and doesn’t require tedious configuration of bridging tables and works directly from the dispatcher interface. Cross-patching can interoperate multiple talkgroups together, without any other limitation than one talkgroup per channel.

Cross-patching is meant to be a temporary connection (i.e. minutes or hours) and can be active as long as that dispatcher is running. Dispatchers cannot turn off another dispatcher’s cross-patch. For longer term connections or the ability to turn off connections from another point, please consider SmartPTT’s Radio Network Bridging Option.

Turn on your system and test this convenient feature now! If you need any help to set it up – check our Cross Patch tutorial or contact our technical support team, who is ready to answer all your questions.

SmartPTT Cross Patch window