SmartPTT Enterprise 9.12: x64 Edition, Immediate Crosspatching, and more

10 November, 2022
Release announcements

The new release of SmartPTT Enterprise is now available. It brings greater stability with a new architecture, some customer requested features, and multiple enhancements.

64-Bit Architecture

SmartPTT Enterprise 9.12 is the first version supporting x64. Users will experience greater stability of the product, increased capacity, and performance. The product introduces a smooth upgrade procedure for customers with no loss of data.

Immediate Crosspatching

This new feature provides immediate turning on and turning off for crosspatch groups even if traffic is present. This capability is vital for medium and high traffic systems. This mode of operation is configurable on a per-profile basis. If the feature is disable, patch groups can only be enabled/disabled if no calls are active on the channel.

This mode is preserved for backward compatibility and those customers, who need protection mechanisms from accidental disabling of crosspatches.

Voice Notification Enhancements

SmartPTT introduces multiple enhancements to the voice notification feature. Since they are often used to deliver emergency announcements, we’ve made them TX interrupt capable. Voice notifications now can be queued and waiting for at least one target to be available. Also, they are logged as a dedicated type of event with more additional information (delivery status, number of attempts, number of successful deliveries, etc.). For details, please refer to the SmartPTT customer documentation.

Cyber Security Enhancement

In SmartPTT Enterprise 9.12, new security enhancements are introduced. We’ve implemented password policies for the Admin and Dispatcher accounts (password length and complexity), increased the protection for passwords and secure keys in the configuration, and made some other security enhancements. If customers need to change the default policies, they should contact Technical Support.

OVCM Calls Encode 

SmartPTT provides the ability for operators to make OVCM (Open Voice Channel Mode) calls. At this, voice calls are heard by subscribers who do not have a group in its Receive List. This is to reach more subscribers when help is really needed. For now, this is implemented as a system-wide feature (for IP Site Connect) only. We will appreciate your feedback on the next steps in developing it.


For more information, see Customer Release Notes.

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SmartPTT PLUS 9.12 will be released later this year.

SmartPTT Enterprise is an all-in-one dispatch software that integrates MOTOTRBO systems, analog radio, and mobile subscribers. It offers voice dispatch & recording, GPS and indoor location, PBX/PSTN interconnect, and network monitoring. It is globally utilized in Utilities, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and many other industries.