SmartPTT Express 2.1 Update

24 July, 2019
Release announcements
SCADA fo SmartPTT Express

SmartPTT Express 2.1 update for DIMETRA Express has been released and is now available for download by request.

The main highlight of SmartPTT Express 2.1 update is SCADA extension support. New user module (the additional license is required) allows realizing remote equipment control and asset management of an industrial enterprise inside SmartPTT Express dispatch system.

SCADA extension provides simultaneous control of a large amount of facilities on SmartPTT Express console. Warning and emergency notifications on monitored parameters placed near each facility draw dispatcher’s attention to the problem points where the detailed information can be found if clicking on them. Thus, with SCADA extension a dispatcher detects failures immediately and can correct them using a set of control buttons before these malfunctions become a catastrophe. This reduces the number of needless on-site visits and ensures more efficient usage of workforce and vehicles. We believe that a single SmartPTT Express dispatching system with SmartPTT data module is a great comprehensive solution for business process optimization of industrial facilities. Try it!

Other enhancements of SmartPTT Express 2.1 update include offline geographical maps support, and incoming and outgoing system-wide calls support. Look for details in the official release notes by the link.

SmartPTT Express 2.1 update was successfully tested with DIMETRA Express 1.3, the last version of the DIMETRA Express software and firmware, so it is currently compatible with both DIMETRA Express 1.2 and DIMETRA Express 1.3. SmartPTT Express 2.1 update demo with documentation kit is available by request.