SmartPTT Express 2.5.1: a reliable solution for Motorola’s DIMETRA Express

25 January, 2022
Release announcements

SmartPTT Express 2.5.1 provides full support of the DIMETRA Express 2.0 radio system. The updates increase systems’ stability and functionality.

We have improved the synchronization via AIS and enhanced the process of migration from local to domain administrator. The updated manual makes the setup process easier to provide a flawless operation workflow.

SmartPTT Express was initially tailored for DIMETRA Express (Motorola Solutions). It provides high-quality voice communications, GPS Location, call and event logging, and other modern dispatch capabilities. The software is easy to install and upgrade. A flexible and user-friendly interface provides a comfortable workflow. Fully compatible with DIMETRA Express, SmartPTT Express makes it possible to stay connected even in places with a high level of “noise pollution”.

The SmartPTT Express dispatch system was designed for Motorola DIMETRA radio systems with many subscribers in a small geographic area. SmartPTT Express is ideal for enterprises such as airports, administrative centers, train stations, and others.

Learn more about SmartPTT Express on our website. To schedule a webinar, please contact us, and we will organize a detailed demonstration of SmartPTT Express.