SmartPTT Express Release 2.3: Text Messaging and CCGW Support

11 February, 2020
Release announcements

We are glad to announce SmartPTT Express Release 2.3. This software version for DimetraTM by Motorola Solutions includes new features for your better TETRA dispatch system experience.

Connection with non-TETRA radios. Previous release allowed connections with analog subscribers  via RG-1000e. Now SmartPTT Express supports analog donor radio connection via Motorola Solutions Conventional Gateways (CCGW) as well

The SmartPTT Express Client users are able now to initiate and receive voice calls over analog conventional resources connected via RG-1000e or CCGW radio gateway. Data about all calls can be recorded and stored in the Audio Archive. 

Text messaging. Now the dispatcher of DIMETRA Express radio system can send and receive individual and group text messages (TMS). Group texting can be initiated from a Talk Group resources. For individual texting – use Private Call resources.

Texting rights can be adjusted for different users on various levels. For example, you can set access to this function for every dispatcher or for the selected ones only. Text messaging availability also can be configured for each group or subscriber. 

For individual outgoing text messages the dispatcher can get delivery and read reports. This feature can be set “by request” or be disabled.

Other new features and enhancements.

  • SmartPTT Express Server now can be configured remotely from any computer with SmartPTT Express Configurator installed on it. 
  • You can assign the General Transmit action to keyboard keys or mouse buttons.
  • The maximum number of multiselect and patch groups has been increased to eleven.
  • We fixed bugs and enhanced the interface. 

SmartPTT Express 2.3 for DimetraTM by Motorola is available for download by request. The detailed release notes can be found by the link.