SmartPTT Express Release 2.4: Telephone Calls Recording and Markers Clustering on Maps

16 April, 2020
Release announcements

We are glad to announce the SmartPTT Express release 2.4. The last updates of our dispatching application for DimetraTM from Motorola Solutions are primarily focused on user convenience. As a result, we included new options for call initiations, made tone signals for calls, enhanced display of subscribers on maps, and added more information in the Event Log.

More Convenient Calls Initiation and Receiving

SmartPTT Express dial pad

We added private call initiation to SmartPTT Express system subscribers by radio ID dialing. For call initiation, the dispatcher can dial radio ID number both on the keyboard on the dispatcher’s computer and directly on the private call tile on the SmartPTT Express interface.

SmartPTT Express now provides more information about the radio on the console display. Together with a radio subscriber alias, the dispatcher can see its ID as well.

Audio tones notifications can be enabled for incoming and outgoing private calls. The dispatcher will not miss the call if he turns away from the display.

More Convenient Event Analysis

Now conversations between DimetraTM system radio subscribers and telephone users can be recorded in SmartPTT Express. All records are automatically saved in the Audio Archive and can be exported into audio files if necessary.Dimetra ExpressAll failed calls from the Dispatcher to subscribers are saved in the Event Log with additional information about the reasons of failure. Among them can be, for example, a rejection by the recipient or no answer.

SmartPTT Express Event Log

More Convenient Radios Displaying on a Map

When you expand viewing areas on your map, the subscribers located very close to each other can visually overlap each other on a display. This is certainly inconvenient if you need to know their exact number or ID.

Now, after a map expanding the markers of radios are displayed as a cluster. Clusters make it possible to accurately determine their number and obtain more information about them at any time when zooming out a map is unsuitable.

Microsoft Windows Server support, the Dialpad on the Private Call tile, and other enhancements are detailed in Release Notes.

SmartPTT Express 2.4 for DimetraTM by Motorola is available for download by request.